One-of-a-kind Equipment Specials

October 7, 2019

Aebi New England, LLC has 3 used Aebi TT270’s in stock.  The list includes:

2005 SN 04032 with 1,499 hours, A/C, 2 remotes and power tilt seat.  This tractor is being checked over in our shop.  $58,500.00.

2005 SN 04033 with 1,584 hours, A/C, 2 remotes, power tilt seat and has the upgraded TT280 front 3 point hitch.   This tractor has not been checked over in our shop.  $66,000.00.

2005 SN 03042 with 3,257 hours, A/C, 2 remotes, power tilt seat, front aftermarket PTO shaft, and has been checked over.  $59,000.00.

2 sets of used 4-dual tires and rims with mounting hardware for each tractor is available for the TT270’S, $4,800.00 per tractor.

New Alamo front mount flail mowers in stock; SH96, 96 inch, SH88, 88-inch.

Demonstrator Pronovost P920, 92-inch snow blower in stock. $13,500.00

New Pronovost P920, 92” snow blower in stock $18,550.00

Demonstrator Seppi 2.25 front mount flail with SMW knives, $9,900.00

New Seppi 2.25 front mount flails in stock, $11,989.00

By checked over we mean that the fluids have been changed and all the operations of the tractor are functioning.  We have made an effort to be sure that tractor is ready to go to work but may still have some simple issues.  This is not a new tractor or has any warranty to the tractor in any way.

Specific information and photos are available upon request.  Contact, Doug Beach 603-835-2600 or