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Aebi New England, LLC maintains many pieces of equipment in stock that are readily available for sale and demonstration. We attend sales schools to understand the features and capabilities of all the equipment we represent. We look forward to discussing your needs and tailoring the equipment to your requirements.

AEBI - Terratracs

While use of Terratracs as slope mowers for challenging terrain is popular, slope mowing is only one consideration for choosing this line of equipment. High-volume, low-pressure tires with a large gripping area, combined with a low vehicle weight, create an extremely low ground pressure - right down to the lower soil layers. The infinitely variable transmission and the clear view of the steering wheels permit gentle and careful maneuvering of the vehicle.


Spider Slope Mower

The very first remote-controlled slope mower in the world, Spider mowers versatile machines capable of mowing fine turf as well as brush either on flat areas, on slopes up to 55 degrees, or under solar panels. The operation is safe, comfortable and productive.



As the worldwide market and technological leader, Menzi Muck AG, based in St. Gallen's Rhine Valley, has been developing and producing the iconic, mobile walking excavator with the same name for over 50 years. Today, the Menzi Muck is a synonym for this type of equipment, it has become the flagship of the company that is successfully in use around the world in the most diverse applications.

The company now also develops and builds tracked excavators, dumpers and wheel excavators in-house. Several products within the new Menzi construction equipment range are already making valuable contributions around the world.

Hustler Mowers

Hustler has become one of the leading turf care brands in the world. Across the globe, the Hustler brand signifies innovation, quality and superior customer care. In addition to manufacturing the best-in-class mowers, Hustler is committed to providing a quality owner experience. Our mission is to provide the most dependable, useful, and time-saving products in turf care, while providing unmatched customer loyalty and the best warranty in the business.

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Ferris Mowers

All Ferris commercial mowers are distinguished through innovative features and high quality standards in performance, durability and ergonomic design. Whether you’re a landscape professional or property owner, Ferris mowers with patented suspension technology will give you a noticeable improvement in your mowing productivity. You can be sure Ferris commercial lawn mowers will keep you on the cutting edge, with innovative mower designs and technology, for years to come. Experience the Ferris mower difference. Experience Suspension.

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